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8Realms is an HTML-based empire-building massively multiplayer online strategy game developed by Jagex Games Studio.[1] It is the company's first internally-developed MMORTS, and second published MMORTS, after War of Legends.


The 8Realms closed beta was released on 5 May 2011 as Jagex's first HTML-based game.[2] Players were given advanced access to the closed beta by invitation through e-mail and through the game's Facebook page. Now, there is a VIP promo code that must be emailed to you before you can play.


Players are expected to progress through researching and constructing to gain culture in order to progress to the next age. Culture can be gained faster by capturing various luxuries found scattered throughout the map with army forces. Players reach the next age by reaching 100% culture and by building a wonder. There are 8 ages in 8Realms: Ancient, Classical, Feudal, Renaissance, Imperial, Industrial, Modern and Future (though Future is unreachable in the beta).


Once a player has reached the end of Modern and is about to reach Future, Endgame triggers. That player has to defend his final wonder for 24 hours against the rest of the server (which may include other players who are also building their final wonders). Success depends not only on raw military power, but also relies heavily on diplomacy and politics (getting other players to fight each other rather than you). Once the final wonder is completed, it wipes every empire from the server and replaces it with a message saying: Time and tide wait for no man - and time has run out for you. Over seven arduous Ages, you have grown a humble settlement into a fine and proud empire. With the completion of a wonder to get into the future age, the hour has come for your empire to join so many others in the annals of history. Thank you wiki for the artical.